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J. Wyndham Prince is a leading provider of stormwater and environmental engineering services. Our team of water resources engineers are known for their innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to preserve our most precious natural resource—water.

We have extensive experience in the investigation and assessment, design and documentation, project management and delivery services for stormwater infrastructure in and around Sydney and regional NSW. We have also worked with local government on flood analysis, flood impact assessment and flood management projects.

Due to our reputation for excellence, we have been called upon to perform peer reviews on major projects and have provided input into policy development for various government authorities.

Our team are members of the Stormwater Industry Association which ensures they are at the forefront of changes in stormwater and environmental management practices and regulation.

Services We Provide

  • Urban stormwater masterplanning
  • Urban stormwater network design
  • Stormwater drainage system design
  • Trunk drainage channel and culvert design
  • Detention basin sizing
  • On-site detention system design
  • Ponds, wetland and raingarden design
  • Natural waterway, riparian and stream restoration design
  • Preparation of concept and detailed engineering plans

  • Water balance assessments
  • Stormwater harvesting and re-use strategies
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies
  • Water cycle management studies and plans
  • Water quality (MUSIC) modelling
  • Preparation of 3D models
  • Urban stormwater network assessment
  • On site detention system assessment
  • Dam safety investigations, assessments and monitoring
  • Peer reviews on major projects

  • Flood modelling and flood impact assessments
  • Visual flood animations
  • Floodplain risk management studies and plans
  • Maintenance and performance monitoring systems
  • Design of flood mitigation/amelioration works
  • Flood damages and cost-benefit assessments
  • Capital and ongoing cost estimation

  • Service authority coordination
  • Consultant management
  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • Project program development and management
  • Design management and coordination
  • Project cost tracking and budget control
  • Project management of the construction phase